7 Interesting Facts About Cats and Sleep

Sleeping Cats

How much time cats spend sleeping each day and why they are true napping experts

Dreamy Cat Adventures

Uncover the mystery of cat dreams and explore what our feline friends may be dreaming about during their slumber

Deep Sleeper or Light Napper

The difference between deep sleep and light sleep in cats and how they quickly awaken to potential threats

Crepuscular Sleepers

Discover why cats are more active during dawn and dusk, adapting their sleep patterns to their natural hunting instincts

Cat Catnaps

The science behind cat catnaps and how they rejuvenate energy for swift and stealthy movements

Curled Up and Cozy

Why cats prefer curling up into tight spots while sleeping and how it relates to their security and warmth

Cat Napping Positions

How your cat's sleeping positions communicate their mood, trust, and relaxation levels.

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