7 Simple Tips for Introducing a Dog To Your Family

Neutral Territory

Start introductions in neutral territory to avoid territorial disputes and create a comfortable setting for both dogs.

Leashed Meetings

Keep dogs on leashes during initial meetings to maintain control and ensure safety for everyone involved.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward positive behavior and calm interactions between dogs with treats and praise, fostering a positive association.

Body Language

Observe body language for signs of comfort or stress in both dogs. Give them space if needed, allowing gradual familiarity. 

Supervised Interactions

Supervise all interactions between dogs, gradually increasing their time together based on their comfort levels. 

Individual Attention

Offer individual attention and affection to each dog to prevent jealousy and reassure their importance in the family.

Patience and Time

Introducing dogs takes time. Be patient, and celebrate small successes as they grow into a happy pet family.

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