A Step-by-Step Guide for a Smooth Transition

Introducing Dogs

The importance of proper dog introductions and how a well-planned approach can foster positive relationships between dogs.

Preparing for the Introduction

Essential steps to prepare your home, create a neutral space, and gather necessary supplies for a successful dog introduction

Individual Dog Assessments

The significance of assessing each dog's behavior, personality, and body language before introducing them

Controlled On-Leash Meeting

Conduct a controlled on-leash introduction in a neutral area, allowing dogs to safely observe and interact

Monitoring Body Language

How to interpret dogs' body language during the introduction process and ensure positive interactions.

Gradual Unleashed Interaction

 The steps for allowing dogs to interact off-leash under supervision, while ensuring safety and managing their interactions

Positive Reinforcement

The role of positive reinforcement in rewarding calm and friendly behavior during dog introductions.

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