Ancient Canine Journey

ale of Migration

Unravel the epic migration of the Malamute ancestors from Siberia to America via the Bering Strait.

Ancient Explorers

The remarkable survival skills of these ancient canine explorers during their arduous journey.

The First Settlers

How Malamute ancestors became one of the first canine settlers in North America.

Adapting to New Lands

The unique adaptations that helped Malamute ancestors thrive in diverse environments.

Guardians of Native Tribes

Delve into the vital role Malamute ancestors played as loyal companions and protectors of native tribes.

 Evolution of the Malamute

Malamute ancestors evolved over time into the majestic Alaskan Malamute breed.

Honoring Their Legacy

Celebrate the enduring legacy of Malamute ancestors, cherished by dog enthusiasts worldwide

The Alaskan Husky