Behind the Scenes of the National Dog Show

Prestige of the National Dog Show

The history and significance of the National Dog Show as one of the top dog events in the world.

Preparing the Dogs for the Show

The meticulous grooming, training, and handling that goes into preparing the dogs for the competition.

The Handlers and Judges

The dedicated handlers and experienced judges who play vital roles in the National Dog Show.

Dog Breed Standards

The importance of breed standards and how they shape the judging process at the National Dog Show.

Behind the Judging Process

Get insights into the judging process, including the criteria used to evaluate dogs and select the winners.

Obedience Trials

The agility and obedience trials that showcase the dogs' skills and training during the National Dog Show.

The Best in Show

The anticipation and excitement of the Best in Show competition, where the top dogs from each breed compete for the ultimate title.

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