Belgian Tervuren AKC Herding Champion

Belgian Tervuren

Discover the Belgian Tervuren, a skilled herding dog with a rich history.

AKC Herding Champion

Belgian Tervuren's achievement as the first breed to win an AKC Herding Championship.

Herding Instincts

Explore the breed's natural herding instincts that make it a remarkable working dog.

Intelligence & Trainability

Understand the Belgian Tervuren's intelligence and trainability, crucial for successful herding work.

Energetic & Agile

Belgian Tervuren's high energy levels and agility, making it an excellent herding companion.

Family-Friendly Pet

Belgian Tervuren is a top choice for families, known for its loyalty and affection.

Exercise Needs

The exercise requirements to keep Belgian Tervurens happy and mentally stimulated.

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