Bernedoodle Best of Both Breeds


 Bernedoodle, a delightful hybrid breed blending the best of both Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.

Origin & Purpose

Bernedoodle's origin, bred to combine the Bernese Mountain Dog's temperament with a longer lifespan.

Family-Friendly Pet

 Bernedoodle is a top choice for families, known for its friendly and affectionate nature.

Low Shedding Coat

Bernedoodle's low-shedding coat, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

Intelligence & Trainability

Bernedoodle's intelligence and trainability, making it easy to teach new tricks.

Exercise Needs

The exercise requirements to keep Bernedoodles happy and physically fit.

Grooming and Care

 Grooming needs and general care required to maintain your Bernedoodle's well-being.

Bernese Mountain Dog Loyal & Affectionate Breed