Best Dog Play Dead Training

Setting the Foundation

Lay the groundwork for teaching 'play dead.' Ensure your dog knows basic commands like 'sit' and 'lie down.

Bang Command

Teach the command 'bang' as a cue for 'play dead.' Use treats and positive reinforcement to associate the action.

Dead Position

Gently guide your dog into the 'dead' position. Reward them for lying on their side with treats and praise.

Adding Duration

The time your dog stays in the 'dead' position. Be consistent in your cues and rewards for better results.

Refining the Trick

Fine-tune your dog's 'play dead' performance. Practice regularly, gradually reducing treats while maintaining praise.

Advanced Tips

Advanced options for the 'play dead' trick. Add extra flair, like rolling over, for a more impressive performance.

Trust and Bond

Deepen the bond with your dog through training. Use positive experiences and shared activities to create a strong connection.

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