Cats That Don't Shed


Siamese cats have short, fine fur that doesn't shed excessively, making them a great low-maintenance choice.


Bengals have a pelt-like coat that requires minimal grooming and sheds less than other breeds.


Sphynx cats are hairless, so shedding is not a concern, and they are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats have a curly coat that sheds very little, making them a suitable choice for those looking for low-shedding breeds.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue cats have short, dense fur that sheds minimally and is easy to maintain.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds have a plush coat that sheds less than other long-haired breeds, reducing the need for constant grooming.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have a wavy coat that doesn't shed much, making them a low-maintenance option for cat lovers.

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