Cowboy Cat Costumes

Classic Cowboy Hat

Saddle up with a tiny cowboy hat that adds a touch of the wild west charm to your cat's look.

Sheriff Cat

Transform your cat into the town sheriff with a cute cowboy hat and a sheriff badge.

Western Bandana

Wrap your kitty in a stylish western bandana for a dashing cowboy look.

Cowgirl Cat

Let your female feline embrace her inner cowgirl with a frilly cowgirl hat and a sassy outfit.

Cowboy Boots for Cats

Give your kitty some western flair with adorable cowboy boots that won't hinder their mobility.

Rodeo Round-Up

Host a cat rodeo by gathering your feline friends in their charming cowboy costumes.

DIY Cat Costume

Get creative and make your own cowboy cat costume with materials you have at home.

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