Dog Hiccups & Swallowing

Dog Hiccups

The causes and common triggers of hiccups in dogs, and why occasional hiccups are usually harmless

Observing Your Pup

Observe your dog's behavior and check for any signs of distress or discomfort related to the hiccuping and swallowing

Stay Calm and Soothe

Remain calm and avoid stressing your pup. Comfort them with gentle pats and soothing words during hiccups

Offer Water Slowly

Provide your dog with a small amount of water to ease swallowing. Avoid rapid drinking to prevent further hiccuping

Change Meal Habits

Adjust your dog's eating habits to avoid rapid eating or gulping. Use slow-feed bowls and smaller meal portions

Distraction and Play

Distract your pup with playtime or toys to take their mind off hiccups. Engaging in activities can help stop hiccups

Elevate Feeding Bowls

Raise your dog's feeding bowls to a comfortable height to aid in digestion and reduce swallowing air during meals

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