Dog Sleeping Positions

Curled Up

your dog sleeps curled up in a ball, it's a sign that they feel safe and secure. This position helps conserve body heat and protect vital organs.

Back Sleeping

Dogs who sleep on their backs are showing vulnerability and trust. It's a common position for young and relaxed dogs

Tummy Up

Sleeping on the belly with paws up may indicate your dog is feeling content and at ease. 

Side Sleeping

Dogs that sleep on their sides are generally comfortable and feeling safe. This position allows for quick movements if needed.

Stretched Out

When a dog stretches out while sleeping, it suggests they are completely relaxed and enjoying their slumber to the fullest.

Cuddled Position

Dogs who sleep cuddled up to another dog or their owner show affection and a strong bond between them.


Burrowing or tunneling under blankets or furniture is an instinctual behavior for dogs to feel warm, secure, and protected.

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