Fascinating Extinct Dog Breeds

Dog Breed Extinction

The mystery of extinct dog breeds. Discover the fascinating stories behind these lost canine species.

Ancient Ancestors

Ancient dog breeds that once roamed the Earth. These ancestors played a significant role in shaping modern breeds.

Borzoi Legacy

The legacy of the Borzoi, an elegant breed that was once favored by Russian aristocracy. Its history is rich and captivating.

Tibetan Spaniels

The ancient Tibetan Spaniel, a breed with ties to Buddhist monasteries. Its unique appearance and history are truly intriguing.

Irish Water Spaniel

The story of the Irish Water Spaniel, a breed that was a skilled water retriever. Its role in hunting and retrieving is remarkable.

Talbot Hounds

The Talbot Hounds, an extinct breed known for its loyalty and hunting abilities. This breed left a mark on canine history.

Salish Wool Dogs

The fascinating tale of the Salish Wool Dogs, an extinct breed bred for their valuable wool-like fur. A unique piece of indigenous culture.

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