French Bulldog Health Issues

Brachycephalic Anatomy

French Bulldogs have a flat, brachycephalic face, which can lead to breathing difficulties and overheating.

Respiratory Problems

Their short snouts make them prone to snoring, wheezing, and respiratory distress, especially in hot weather.

Heat Sensitivity

Due to their brachycephalic nature, Frenchies can't regulate body temperature efficiently, making heatstroke a risk.

Skin Fold Infections

Their adorable skin folds can trap moisture, leading to skin infections that require regular cleaning and care.

Spinal Issues

French Bulldogs can develop intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), causing back pain and mobility issues.

Hip Dysplasia

This hereditary condition affects the hips, causing pain and reduced mobility in some French Bulldogs.

Eye Problems

Frenchies are prone to eye issues like cherry eye, dry eye, and corneal ulcers that require proper monitoring.

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