Home Kit for Neuter and Spay Recovery

Veterinarian's Post-Surgery

Follow your veterinarian's post-surgery instructions carefully and incorporate them into your home recovery plan.

Essential Recovery Items

The top must-have items for your dog's comfort, including bedding, medication, and wound care supplies.

Dog Cone Alternatives

Explore alternatives to the traditional Elizabethan cone to prevent your dog from licking or scratching the surgical site.

Manageable Meals

Adjust your dog's diet during the recovery period to support healing and prevent digestive issues.

Exercise Balance

The right balance between rest and controlled exercise to promote healing and avoid post-surgery complications.

Wound Care and Hygiene

Properly care for the surgical wound and maintain good hygiene to minimize infection risks.

Managing Discomfort

Recognize signs of discomfort in your dog and implement pain management strategies.

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