Introducing a New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Take It Slow

Allow the dogs to sniff and observe each other from a distance. Gradually decrease the distance over multiple sessions.

Leash and Control

Keep both dogs on a leash during initial meetings to maintain control. Watch their body language for signs of discomfort.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward calm and friendly behavior with treats and praise. Create a positive association with each other's presence.

Observe Closely

Watch for any signs of aggression or tension. Separate them if needed and try again later.

Supervised Time Together

Once comfortable, allow supervised playtime in a secure area. Be present to intervene if necessary.

Avoid Favoritism

Treat both dogs equally to avoid jealousy or rivalry. Give attention to each based on their needs.

Give Time and Patience

Building a strong bond takes time. Be patient and allow the dogs to adjust to each other at their own pace.

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