Largest Domestic Cat Breeds

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a gentle giant with a bushy tail and tufted ears. They're known for their friendly nature.


Ragdolls are affectionate and floppy cats, often likened to "puppy-like" behavior due to their attachment to humans.


Savannah cats have a striking appearance with their tall, slender bodies and distinctive coat patterns.


The Siberian cat boasts a luxurious triple coat and a playful, loyal personality. They're well-suited to colder climates.

Norwegian Forest Cat

With a thick, water-resistant coat, Norwegian Forest Cats are known for their adaptability to various environments.

British Shorthair

Despite their stocky build, British Shorthairs have a gentle demeanor. They're known for their round faces and plush coats.


The Chausie is a hybrid breed with a wild appearance. They're active and require mental and physical stimulation.

Water-Loving Cat Breeds