Leaving Dogs Alone Safely

Alone Time Basics

Puppies need shorter alone times. Gradually increase alone durations. Provide a comfortable and familiar environment.

Prevent Boredom

Boredom leads to anxiety. Leave interactive toys and puzzles. Rotate toys to keep them engaged. Mental stimulation combats loneliness.

Establish Routine

Dogs thrive on routines. Set consistent feeding and bathroom schedules. Predictability reduces stress when you're not around.

Potty Breaks

Limit water before leaving. Take them for a walk before you go. Train them to use pee pads or a designated spot indoors.

Human Connection

Leave an item with your scent. Play calming music. Consider a pet camera to interact and check on them remotely.


Socialize early. Well-socialized dogs handle alone time better. Attend training classes. Arrange playdates to build confidence.

Professional Help

A dog sitter or doggy daycare. They provide companionship and supervision, ensuring your dog's well-being.

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