Moving Your Cat to a New Home

Pre-Move Preparation

Tips for familiarizing your cat with moving boxes, carriers, and creating safe spaces during the packing process.

Safe Travel Arrangements

Ensuring your cat's safety and comfort during travel with proper carriers, soothing scents, and regular breaks.

New Home Set-Up

How to create a cat-friendly environment in your new home, including designated feeding and litter areas.

Soothing Scents

Using familiar scents and belongings to comfort your cat in their new surroundings.

Slow Introduction to New Space

Gradually introducing your cat to different areas of the new home to reduce stress and anxiety.

Keeping a Routine

Maintaining your cat's usual feeding, playtime, and sleep schedule to provide a sense of stability.

Watch for Stress Signs

Understanding common stress signs in cats and how to alleviate anxiety during the adjustment period.

Swollen Cat Abdomen