Puppies' Sleep Patterns During Teething


Teething can impact puppies' sleep patterns and why they may sleep more during this phase

Pain and Discomfort

The teething process and its effects on puppies' gums, causing them to seek more rest for relief

Chewing and Soothing

why puppies tend to chew more during teething and how it helps alleviate discomfort and aids in relaxation

Providing Comfort

 ways to provide comfort and help your teething puppy get restful sleep, including safe chew toys and cooling treats

Quiet and Calm Environment

Create a peaceful sleep environment for your teething puppy to promote better and undisturbed sleep.

Nap Time Routine

Establish a consistent nap time routine to help your puppy recognize when it's time to rest during teething.

Sleep Safety and Supervision

Ensure your puppy's sleep area is safe and supervise them during teething to prevent any chewing hazards

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