Puppy Strangles

What is Puppy Strangles

The basics of puppy strangles, a rare but serious skin condition that can affect puppies."

 Symptoms to Watch

The common signs of puppy strangles, including facial swelling, skin rash, and swollen lymph nodes.

Causes and Triggers

The possible causes and triggers of puppy strangles, which may include immune system issues.

Diagnosis Process

Veterinarians diagnose puppy strangles and rule out other skin conditions.

Treatment Options

The various treatment approaches for puppy strangles, such as medications and supportive care.

Managing Discomfort

Manage your puppy's discomfort and promote healing during the recovery process.

Long-Term Outlook

Understand the long-term outlook for puppies with strangles and how they can recover with proper care.

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