Road Trip Checklist for Dogs

Dog-Friendly Road Trip

Get ready for a successful road trip with your dog by understanding the importance of planning, packing, and ensuring a safe

Packing Essentials for Road Tripping

The must-have items to pack for a road trip with your dog, including food, water, medications, bedding, identification

Health Considerations

Important health considerations for road trips, including vaccinations, parasite prevention, motion sickness remedies

Safe and Comfortable

Safe and comfortable car travel with your dog, including proper restraint, using carriers or harnesses, and creating a cozy space in the vehicle.

Road Trip Activities

Keep your dog entertained and happy during long drives with engaging activities such as interactive toys, treat puzzles, chew toys

Dog-Friendly Accommodations

Find and select dog-friendly accommodations and pet-friendly pit stops along your road trip route, ensuring a pleasant stay for both you and your dog

Roadside Safety

Ensure the safety of your dog during roadside stops, including tips for leash manners, avoiding hot pavement

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