Road Trip with Your Cat

Pre-Trip Veterinary Checkup

Schedule a pre-trip veterinary checkup to ensure your cat is healthy and fit for travel

Secure a Safe Cat Carrier

Choose a sturdy and well-ventilated cat carrier for your road trip. Familiarize your cat with the carrier before the journey

Comfort Items for the Carrier

Pack comfort items like a favorite blanket or toy inside the carrier to help your cat feel secure and relaxed during the trip

Pack Adequate Food and Water

Bring sufficient cat food and fresh water for the journey. Stick to your cat's regular diet to avoid stomach upset

Travel Litter Box

Include a portable litter box with your cat's preferred litter for bathroom breaks during the trip. Plan for easy access and regular cleaning

ID Tags and Microchip Information

Double-check your cat's ID tags and ensure they have your current contact information. Update microchip details if necessary

Comfortable Rest Stops

Plan rest stops along the route where your cat can stretch, use the litter box, and drink water. Avoid leaving your cat unattended in the car

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