Shelter Kitten Escapes Kennel

Shelter Kitten

Get introduced to the adorable shelter kitten and understand the importance of a secure kennel

Kennel Safety Check

perform a thorough safety check of the kitten's kennel to prevent any potential escape routes

Comfort and Security

Create a comfortable and secure environment inside the kennel to reduce stress and anxiety for the kitten

Proper Kennel Size

Ensure the kennel is the appropriate size for the kitten, allowing enough space for movement and comfort

Escape-Proof Latches

Use escape-proof latches and locks on the kennel door to prevent the kitten from opening it.

Supervised Interaction

Practice supervised interaction with the kitten outside the kennel to monitor behavior and prevent escapes

Escape Prevention Training

Implement escape prevention training techniques to teach the kitten to stay inside the kennel

Parrot Morning Routine