Shelter Residents of Charlotte

Charlotte Shelter

Charlotte shelter and meet its adorable residents, all looking for loving families to call their own.

Pawsome Personality

Get to know the unique and endearing personalities of the shelter residents, from playful pups to cuddly cats.

Tail of Resilience

Discover the heartwarming stories of resilience and strength that each shelter resident carries with them.

Ways to Help

various ways you can make a difference in the lives of these shelter residents, even if you're not ready to adopt.

Adoption Success Stories

Be inspired by heartwarming adoption success stories from the Charlotte shelter, where pets have found their forever homes.

Meet the Canine Companions

Get introduced to the lovable canine residents at the Charlotte shelter, each with their own unique charm.

Feline Friends in Search of Love

Meet the adorable feline residents, waiting with hopeful eyes for someone to take them to their forever homes

Signs and Ways to Help Them Feel Loved