Signs of Potential Eye Problems

Redness and Irritation

Notice if your cat's eyes appear red, swollen, or show signs of irritation, which could indicate an eye problem

Excessive Tear Production

Pay attention if your cat's eyes have excessive tear staining or discharge, which may signal an underlying issue

Squinting or Blinking

Observe if your cat frequently squints or blinks excessively, as it could be a sign of discomfort or pain in the eyes.

Cloudy or Hazy Eyes

Be aware of any cloudiness or haziness in your cat's eyes, which could indicate a serious eye problem.

Third Eyelid Visibility

Take note if your cat's third eyelid becomes visible, as it may suggest an underlying health issue

Rubbing or Pawing at Eyes

Watch for signs of your cat frequently rubbing or pawing at their eyes, indicating discomfort or irritation

Changes in Pupil Size

 Observe for abnormal changes in your cat's pupil size, such as unequal dilation or persistent dilation.

Common Cat Ear Problems