Summer Water Safety for Puppy Owners

Supervise Near Water

Always supervise your puppy near water bodies like pools and lakes to prevent accidents and ensure their safety.

Introduce Gradually

Introduce your puppy to water gradually and positively. Make the experience enjoyable to build their confidence

Swimming Lessons

Consider providing swimming lessons for your puppy to teach them how to swim safely and confidently.

Pool Safety

Fence off your pool area or use pool safety covers to prevent unsupervised access and keep your puppy safe.

Life Jackets

Invest in a properly fitting life jacket for your puppy, especially if they are new to swimming or around open water.

Limit Water Activities

Avoid excessive water activities, especially during hot weather, to prevent fatigue and dehydration in your puppy.

Exit Strategies

Teach your puppy how to exit pools or water bodies safely to ensure they can get out if needed.

Safe Puppy Chewing