The Flehmen Response in Domestic Cats

Flehmen Response

Introduction to the fascinating flehmen response in domestic cats and its mysterious nature.

Flehmen Position

The distinct facial expression and posture of cats during the flehmen response.

Sensory Organs at Work

The vomeronasal organ plays a key role in detecting pheromones through the flehmen response.

Scent Investigation

Cats use the flehmen response to gather additional information about their environment and other animals

Reproductive Signaling

How the flehmen response is particularly relevant during mating and reproductive signaling.

Mystery of Taste and Odor Perception

The link between the flehmen response and the cat's unique taste and odor perception.

Social and Communication Aspect

The social and communicative functions of the flehmen response among domestic cats.

Silencing the Constant Meows