Tips for Managing a Multi-Dog Household


 Welcome to the world of managing a multi-dog household. Explore valuable tips and strategies for creating a harmonious environment where all dogs can thrive.

New Dogs

Introduce new dogs to your existing pack gradually, using controlled and supervised interactions, scent swapping

Establishing Routines and Boundaries

The importance of establishing consistent routines, including feeding, exercise, and training schedules

Socialization and Individual Attention

The significance of socialization for each dog in the pack, ensuring they have opportunities for positive interactions 

Resolving Conflicts

 strategies for managing conflicts and resource guarding behaviors that may arise in a multi-dog household

Supervision and Safety

The importance of supervision to prevent and manage potential conflicts, as well as ensuring the safety of all dogs 

Professional Training and Behavior Support

Benefits of seeking professional training or behavior support if challenges persist or if there are concerns about aggression

How to Determine Your Dog’s Age