Tips to Find Your Missing Cat 

Stay Calm & Act Fast

If your cat goes missing, stay calm and act quickly. Time is crucial when searching for a lost pet

Search Your Home Thoroughly

Check every nook and cranny in your home. Cats can hide in unexpected places, even indoors

Notify Neighbors & Local Shelters

Inform your neighbors and local animal shelters about your missing cat. They might have seen or found your pet

Create Flyers with Photos

Design flyers with clear photos of your cat and your contact information. Distribute them in your neighborhood

Use Social Media & Online Platforms

Utilize social media and online lost pet platforms to spread the word about your missing cat

Set Up Food & Litter Stations

Leave familiar scents by setting up food and litter stations outside your home. Cats may return to these scents

Search During Quiet Hours

Cats are more likely to come out during quiet hours like early morning or late at night. Search during these times

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