Top 6 Dog DNA Test Results for Mixed Breed Dogs

Ancestry Insights

The fascinating ancestral roots of your mixed breed dog, tracing their heritage through comprehensive DNA analysis.

Breed Composition

The predominant breeds that make up your dog's genetic makeup, providing valuable insights into their physical and behavioral traits.

Health Indicators

Find out about potential health risks and inherited diseases your mixed breed dog might be prone to based on their DNA results.

Behavioral Traits

The genetic factors influencing your dog's behavior, helping you understand their personality and natural instincts.

Exercise Needs

Your dog's energy levels and exercise requirements, tailored to their specific genetic predispositions.

Nutritional Recommendations

Get personalized nutritional recommendations for your mixed breed dog based on their DNA analysis and individual dietary needs.

Training Tips

The most effective training methods that align with your dog's genetic traits, ensuring a harmonious and successful training journey.

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