Top 7 Cat Butt Behaviors

Tail High & Curved

When a cat holds its tail high and curved, it indicates friendliness and a positive mood. Your cat is feeling happy and confident.

Puffed-Up Tail

A puffed-up tail signals fear, aggression, or feeling threatened. Your cat is trying to appear larger to ward off potential threats.

Tail Wrapped Around

When a cat wraps its tail around another cat or your leg, it's a sign of affection and trust. Your cat considers you a friend.

Twitching Tail Tip

A twitching tail tip can indicate excitement or irritation. Pay attention to the situation to determine your cat's emotional state.

Tail Straight Up

A tail held straight up signifies confidence and contentment. Your cat is feeling secure and at ease in its environment.

Tail Tucked Under

A tucked-under tail suggests fear or submission. Your cat may be feeling anxious or trying to avoid confrontation.

Slow Wagging Tail

A slow wagging tail indicates uncertainty or indecision. Your cat may be unsure about a situation or feeling conflicted.

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