Top 7 Dog Body Language Signs

Lip Licking

Lip licking in dogs can indicate stress, anxiety, or submission. Observe the context to understand your dog's feelings.

Tail Wagging

Tail wagging can express various emotions, from happiness to apprehension. Pay attention to the wagging speed and tail height.

Ears Forward

When a dog's ears are forward, it often signals alertness or interest. It can also indicate friendliness and curiosity.

Raised Hackles

Raised hackles suggest your dog is feeling threatened, fearful, or excited. Combine this with other signs for accurate interpretation.

Rolling Over

Dogs might roll over to show submission, seek attention, or play. Consider the context and the dog's overall body language.

Bared Teeth

Bared teeth can indicate aggression or fear. Look for other cues to understand the dog's intentions and feelings.


Dogs may yawn when tired, but also to cope with stress. Observe the situation to interpret the underlying emotion.

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