Top 7 Dog Heartworm Prevention Mistakes

Skipping Prevention Doses

Avoid skipping heartworm prevention doses to ensure consistent protection for your dog against heartworm disease.

Year-Round Protection

Provide year-round heartworm protection to safeguard your dog from heartworm transmission during mosquito season.

Correct Dosage

Administer the correct dosage of heartworm prevention medication to ensure its efficacy in preventing heartworms.

Early Puppy Protection

Start heartworm prevention early in puppies to prevent heartworm larvae from developing and causing health issues.

Regular Heartworm Testing

Regularly test your dog for heartworms to promptly diagnose and treat any potential heartworm infections.

Check Expiration Dates

Ensure heartworm prevention products are not expired, as using outdated medication may lead to ineffectiveness.

Consult Your Vet

Always consult your vet before combining heartworm prevention medications to avoid potential adverse reactions.

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