Top 7 Must-Have Items for Pet Emergency Kits

Food and Water Supplies

Pack enough food and water to sustain your pet for several days. Store these items in a secure, waterproof container.

Medication and Medical Records

Include your pet's medications and medical records in the emergency kit. Have contact information for your veterinarian handy.

Collar, Leash, and ID Tag

Keep a sturdy collar and leash in the kit. Attach an ID tag with your pet's name and your contact details.

Comfort Items

Include familiar comfort items like toys, blankets, or a bed to help reduce your pet's stress during emergencies.

First Aid Supplies

Have a pet-specific first aid kit with items like bandages, antiseptic, and tweezers to address minor injuries.

Sanitation Supplies

Pack sanitation supplies like waste bags, litter, and a litter box for maintaining cleanliness during emergencies.

Emergency Contact List

A list of emergency contacts, including nearby shelters, animal hospitals, and pet-friendly accommodations.

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