Top 7 Non-Shedding Big Dogs for Pet Lovers


Highly intelligent and hypoallergenic, Poodles are a top choice for families seeking non-shedding large dog breeds. Their curly coat requires regular grooming.


A popular crossbreed, the Labradoodle combines the intelligence of a Labrador with the low-shedding coat of a Poodle. Great for active families!

Portuguese Water Dog

Known for their water-loving nature, Portuguese Water Dogs have a non-shedding, curly coat that makes them a fantastic choice for families with allergies.

Irish Water Spaniel

With a unique curly and water-resistant coat, Irish Water Spaniels are both non-shedding and full of energy. They make wonderful companions.

Giant Schnauzer

Although a large breed, Giant Schnauzers are low-shedding dogs that are loyal and protective. They require regular grooming to maintain their coat.

Afghan Hound

The elegant Afghan Hound is known for its luxurious, non-shedding coat. This breed is independent and best suited for experienced dog owners.

Standard Schnauzer

Smart and affectionate, Standard Schnauzers have a wiry, non-shedding coat that requires grooming. They are excellent watchdogs and great with kids.

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