Top 7 Pet Adoption Myths Debunked

Shelter Pets Are Less Healthy

Shelter pets are just as healthy as pets from breeders or pet stores. They receive proper care and medical attention before adoption.

Shelter Pets Are Old

Shelter pets come in all ages, and many are already trained. Adult pets can be wonderful companions with established behaviors.

Purebred Pets at Shelters

Contrary to the myth, shelters often have purebred pets available for adoption. Check your local shelters and rescue organizations.

Behavior Issues

Behavior issues can occur in any pet, regardless of where they come from. Shelters work on training and socialization to ensure a good fit.

Shelter Pets Are Dirty

Shelters prioritize the well-being of their animals. Pets receive grooming and medical care to keep them healthy and happy.

It's Hard to Find a Pet

Shelters have a wide variety of pets, making it easier to find one that fits your family's lifestyle and preferences.

Shelter Pets Are Only Mixed Breeds

While mixed breeds are common and wonderful pets, shelters may also have purebred or breed-specific rescues available.

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