Top 7 Reasons Dogs Put Their Ears Back

Expressing Anxiety

Dogs may put their ears back as a sign of anxiety or fear. It's a way for them to protect their ears and be less noticeable in potentially stressful situations.

Submission and Respect

Tucking ears back can be a submissive gesture, showing respect to more dominant dogs or their human caregivers.

Sign of Relaxation

Sometimes, dogs put their ears back when they're feeling content and relaxed, especially during belly rubs and cuddle sessions.

Curiosity and Alertness

Dogs also adjust their ears when they're curious or trying to focus on something, enhancing their hearing abilities.

Calming Signal

Tucked-back ears can be a calming signal dogs use to communicate with other animals or humans, indicating they mean no harm.

Avoiding Conflict

By pulling their ears back, dogs show they want to avoid conflict and prevent potential confrontations.

Pain or Discomfort

In some cases, dogs put their ears back due to pain, discomfort, or health issues, indicating they need attention or help.

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