Top 7 Reasons Why Cats Poop Outside the Box

Litter Box Location

The location of the litter box matters to your cat. Explore the best spots to place the box to ensure your cat feels comfortable using it.

Litter Box Cleanliness

A dirty litter box can lead to avoidance. Discover how often you should clean the box and what type of litter to use for your cat's preference.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can cause litter box issues. Learn how to identify stressors and create a calming environment for your feline friend.

Medical Issues

Underlying health problems may lead to litter box problems. Find out which medical conditions to look out for and when to consult a vet.

Multi-Cat Households

If you have multiple cats, territorial issues may arise. Discover tips for managing a multi-cat household and preventing litter box conflicts.

Litter Box Size and Type

The size and type of litter box matter to your cat. Learn which options work best for various breeds and sizes.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can encourage your cat to use the litter box consistently. Find out how to reward good behavior and discourage inappropriate elimination.

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