Top 7 Tips for Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement

Use rewards like treats and praise to reinforce good behavior. Your dog will quickly associate positive actions with rewards.

Consistent Commands

Use clear, consistent commands for basic cues like sit, stay, and come. This helps your dog understand your expectations.

Socialization Matters

Socialize your dog with people, other dogs, and various environments early on. It promotes confidence and reduces behavior issues.

Leash Training

Teach loose-leash walking to make walks enjoyable. Avoid tugging; encourage your dog to walk beside you without pulling.

Potty Training

A routine for bathroom breaks. Reward your dog for going outside, and clean accidents with enzyme-based cleaners.

Crate Training

A crate as a safe space and for housebreaking. Make it comfortable with bedding and toys, and introduce it gradually.

No Punishment

Avoid harsh punishments; they create fear and distrust. Instead, redirect unwanted behavior and reward positive actions.

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