Top 7 Tips to Support Elderly Pet Owners

Pet Care Schedule

Set up a consistent pet care routine with designated feeding times, exercise sessions, and potty breaks to keep pets comfortable and secure.

Regular Vet Check-ups

Regularly schedule vet visits to monitor your pet's health and catch any potential issues early on.

Simplify Grooming Sessions

Opt for low-maintenance grooming styles and products to make grooming easier for both the elderly and their pets.

Comfortable Sleeping Areas

Ensure your pet has a cozy and accessible bed in a quiet area, giving them a safe and comfortable space to rest.

Engage in Gentle Exercise

Incorporate light exercises into your pet's routine to keep them active and agile without straining them.

Pet-Proof the Home

Remove hazards and create a safe environment for pets to move around freely without the risk of injury.

Enlist Help

Reach out to friends or neighbors who can lend a hand in pet care, especially during busy times or emergencies.

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