Top Winter Walking Tips for Dogs

Proper Gear

Outfit your dog with a well-fitting harness, reflective leash, and booties to protect their paws from ice and salt.

Paw Checks

After walks, inspect your dog's paws for signs of injury, ice balls, or salt residue. Clean and dry them thoroughly.

Stay Leashed

Keep your dog leashed during winter walks, especially near frozen lakes or rivers, to avoid potential accidents.

Short Walks

Opt for shorter walks in colder weather to prevent overexposure to the cold and protect your dog from hypothermia.

Watch for Signs

Pay attention to signs of discomfort, like shivering or lifting paws, and head back home if your dog seems too cold.

Indoor Playtime

On extremely cold days, engage your dog in indoor play and mental stimulation to keep them active and entertained.

Warm-Up Time

Allow your dog a few minutes to warm up indoors before heading out to ease the shock of the cold weather.

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