Turn Anything into a Parkour Dog Agility Course

Safety Considerations

Important safety considerations to ensure a secure and injury-free parkour dog agility experience.

Choosing Suitable Objects

Discover how to select objects that are safe and appropriate for your dog's size, breed, and skill level.

Basic Training Techniques

Essential training techniques to introduce your dog to parkour dog agility and build their confidence and skills.

Command Training

The importance of command training and cue words to guide your dog through the agility course.

Creating Obstacles

Get creative with designing obstacles and challenges using items such as benches, logs, and ramps.

Gradual Progression

The importance of gradual progression and rewarding your dog's successes to keep them motivated and engaged.


The endless possibilities of creating a parkour dog agility course and enjoy the benefits of this exciting activity with your furry friend.

Adopting a Special Needs Pet