Types of Service Dogs

Service Dogs 101

The vital role service dogs play in enhancing the lives of individuals with various needs. A brief overview of their incredible abilities.

Guide Dogs

The important role of guide dogs for the visually impaired. Learn how these dogs provide independence and safety to their handlers.

Hearing Dogs

The incredible skills of hearing dogs. Learn how they assist individuals with hearing impairments by alerting them to important sounds.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

The supportive functions of mobility assistance dogs. These dogs offer vital aid to people with mobility challenges, enhancing their quality of life.

Medical Alert Dogs

The life-saving abilities of medical alert dogs. Discover how they detect medical issues such as seizures, diabetes, and more.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

The valuable role of psychiatric service dogs in providing emotional support and assistance to individuals with mental health conditions.

Therapy Dogs

The difference between service dogs and therapy dogs. Learn how therapy dogs offer comfort and companionship in various settings.

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