What to Do If Your Cat Is Constipated

Constipation in Cats

Identify the signs of constipation in your cat, such as infrequent or strained bowel movements

Increase Water Intake

Encourage your cat to drink more water to promote better hydration and smoother bowel movements

Fiber-Rich Diet

Fiber-rich foods or supplements to your cat's diet to aid digestion and relieve constipation

Laxatives and Lubricants

Consult your veterinarian about the appropriate use of laxatives or lubricants for short-term constipation relief

Regular Exercise

 Encourage physical activity and playtime to stimulate your cat's bowel movements and prevent constipation

Massage Techniques

Gentle massage techniques to help stimulate your cat's intestines and facilitate bowel movements

Warm Compresses

Apply warm compresses to your cat's lower abdomen to help ease discomfort and promote bowel motility.

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