Why Cats Lick Humans

Showing Affection

Cats lick to show love and affection, similar to grooming behaviors in a feline family.

Marking Territory

Licking transfers your cat's scent, marking you as part of their territory and family

Imitating Mother

Kittens learn grooming from their mothers, and some cats continue the behavior with their human caregivers.

Taste & Curiosity

Cats use their tongues to explore and taste the world, including the taste of their human's skin.

Seeking Attention

Licking may be a way for cats to get your attention and initiate interaction.

Stress Relief

Licking can be a calming behavior for cats, helping them reduce stress and anxiety.

Salt & Sweat

Salty human skin might attract cats to lick for the taste of sweat.

Understanding Your Cat’s Eyes